Info & FAQs

  • Is HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA associated with the original HOLI which takes place in India?

    HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA  is inspired by the original HOLI which takes place in India, but it is not associated with or related to that religious festival. Please note, that HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA  is not a religious event and it doesn’t aim to promote any religious aspects or groups. The festival is about togetherness and fun.

    No rules, no boundaries, no rivalries, no VIPs, no judgement … only love, music and coloured powder! Come play with us and experience the brightest festival in Ibiza! Experience the real Ibiza!

  • Where do I get my tickets for HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA?

    Tickets are available online on our website: and at all major outlets around the island.

  • Will there be tickets on sale on the day of the event at the venue?

    Yes, you will also have the possibility to purchase your ticket at the door.

  • If I purchase my presale ticket online or at one of the ticket outlets, where do I get my powder from?

    If you purchase a presale or online ticket, you’ll be able to collect your powder at our colour shop on the day of the event. Just make sure you have your ticket with you.

  • What time does HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA start and how do I know when to throw my powder?

    The festival is celebrated from 4.30 pm till 10.00 pm. Colour countdowns for throwing the powder colours take place every hour from 6.30 pm.

  • Where exactly does HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA take place?

    We celebrate HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA in an amazing outdoor location, close to San Antonio.

    The location is called Benimussa Park / Gala Night and can be reached easily by bus/taxi/car.


  • Is there any age restriction?

    HOLI GARDEN FESTIVAL IBIZA is only for people aged 18 +. Even if accompanied by a person over 18, under 18s are not admitted to the festival.

  • Is it possible to bring my own colour powder?

    Unfortunately this is not possible. For health and environmental reasons, only certified powder is allowed at the venue. You will be able to purchase this certified colour powder at the venue on the day of the event.

  • Where can I get my colour powder?

    The colour powder will be available at our colour shop, located on the main dance-floor.

  • Is the colour powder safe?

    Yes of course! Our colour powder is completely non-toxic, water soluble and environmentally friendly.

    The colour powder can be removed easily from skin and hair with the use of soap and shampoo in the shower.

  • Are the colours easily washed out of my clothes?

    Yes, the colours are easily washed out of your clothes. In rare cases, a slight colourful residue may remain on the clothes depending on the material.

  • Is there any dresscode?

    There is no dresscode but one thing is for sure: you will not leave the festival looking the same as when you arrived. We highly recommend arriving in white and leaving colourful! Most of our guests wear light/white clothing, because the bright colours are most visible. Beside this, we kindly ask you to protect your eyes with sunglasses.

  • Can I take my mobile phone / camera with me?

    You are allowed to take your mobile phones, but digital cameras are NOT allowed.

    Please bear in mind that exposing electronic devices to too much colour powder may damage them. Holi Garden Festival Ibiza management takes no responsibility for damaged items.

  • Will there be food and drinks available?

    Yes, you will be able to purchase food and drinks at the venue.